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we failed hullabaloo

quality doctor who icons

We failed hullabaloo
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The Community

good_dwicons is a community where icon makers in the Doctor Who fandom can post high-quality icons. This community is moderated and icon makers will need to be accepted by both of the moderators and invited into the community before they will have access to posting. The mods are quite friendly, but will only accept icons that have colouring, cropping, text, brush and texture work at a very high standard.


1. Membership is not open to the public. You must apply on the application post.
2. If you do not follow any of the rules on the application post your request to join the community will be ignored.
3. People granted with posting access will NOT be allowed to post anything other than icons and graphics. This means no requests and promoting your own community.
4. All posts must have more than three icons. No more than three teasers are permitted and icons should be placed behind a cut or linked to your own journal.
5. Any other graphics must be behind cuts.
6. When applying you MUST write ‘OMG I’m a chav!’ in the subject line, so we know that you’ve read these rules.
7. Any icons posted in this community MUST be connected to Doctor Who. This means three or more icons of Doctor Who (old or new series) or the main actors. Please be respectful of watchers, as they added this community for Doctor Who icons, not anything else.
8. You can reapply after 3 weeks if your first application is not successful.

Please do not bother applying if you will not post icons.

Contact Information

Any questions should be emailed to either:

Please check the rules and the application post before asking us any questions. If we take a while responding to your application it may simply be because we are busy.

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